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Due to the corona-crisis, planned exhibitions have sadly been cancelled for now.

I am still working. You can find weekly updates on my instagram. And of course I am also working on new pieces!


2021 Kunstschouw 

Past exhibitions

The unused space.
While coronavirus was spreading over the world. With ROEM we collaborated with museum de Lakenhal. They asked us to show how we experienced these times. 

My reaction is all about the unused space. I work on the fourth flour. When I work I am surrounded with lots of space because from the windows in my workspace I can see all above the houses and trees.

This got me inspired and wanted to visualize this space. The space that was also coming more in the city, above the water and in the malls. 

Shown at the outside exposition "Please don't touch"
An exhibition with ROEM
15-22 May ~ City centre of Leiden, Doelenbrug


A group of different works all about the multiple dimensions. From the search; what are the dimensions 4th and more and how do they work. 
While searching for answers, works have been made to explain and show the paths and answers of dimensions.

Shown at the exposition Object Rotterdam 
An exhibition with +/- 100 designers and artists 
7-9 February 2020 ~ Haka Building Rotterdam



Inspired by the fair this work is made to change by the viewer. Leaving the colour out of the picture you are left with lines and structures. An already very busy view. By using two glass works and the shadow you can walk around and see things moving and forms are made and broken.

Shown at the exposition Fair Enough. 
A group exhibition with ROEM.
14-15 December 2019 ~ Wibar Leiden


A group of different works all about the multiple dimensions. From the search about space and dimensions different works have been made. One year of research made this happen, but this was not enough and the research is still going on.

Shown at the graduation exhibition  
An exhibition with all other graduating students.
26-30 June 2019 ~ HKU Pastoefabriek



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