Sky is up 2020, 170 x 150

The sixth dimension is an interesting one. While working on two dimensional space, three dimensions are formed by the glass. Walking around makes it four and multiple fourth dimensional groups makes it five. But what if we can travel from one to another 'group'? It will be traveling using the sixth dimension.

Transformer 2019, 61 x 55

This work was created for the exposition "Fair Enough". Starting from the point 'the fair', I took a critical look at the way the fair looks. Very much light, all the attractions and food stands are everywhere. Visually all lines are everywhere.
That's why this work is only transparant. The glass has already very much dimension from itself because of the structures.

The viewer can decide itself how the composition of the work is by walking around, taking another place in 

Location, stained glass showing multiple dimension
Location in blue green light
Location, stained glass, velowa

Location 2019, 29.5 x 31 cm

From searching in dimensions. Transparent glass, but different structures. 
The work tells you about different locations in different dimensions. While these can be present at the same time.

We are one, contemporary stained glass, artwork velowa
We are one, stained glass, velowa, transparent contemporary glass

We are one 2019, 29 x 29 cm

From searching in dimensions, Transparent glass, but different structures.

It's about different locations in different dimensions, but while we live in different dimensions, we can feel as one.

We exist at the same time 2019, 40 x 30 cm

From searching in the dimensional world, I found out that dimensions exist at the same time, next to-, to the opposite of- and inside of the other dimension.

Going up, stained glass cubes, multiple dimensions

Going up 2019, 70 x 40 cm


©2019 by Velowa.

Location 2019, for sale in shop