In the media

FD persoonlijk velowa

2020 - July

A piece about my work in Financieel Dagblad Persoonlijk. About my research in dimensions and showing my work "Sky is up".

2020 - may

An interview in Leidsch Dagblad. A regional newspaper from city of Leiden. Talking about the exposition Please don't touch

Glas magazine 2020

2020 - june

An interview in dutch magazine "Glas". A two paged piece with pictures of latest work and older work. All about my dimensional search.

2020 - may

An interview with UnityTV about the exposition with Roem called Please don't touch. 
Click image for the video. Only in dutch.

2020 - march

An article about Object the art fair. An interview with Anne van der Zwaag and work presented with the article. 
My Sky is Up as one of them.
Presented in a Hong Kong newspaper.