Inside inside no.1, 2020

Existing at the same time, in the same space. There must be more dimensions inside other dimensions. How far can that go on?  

Like an ant colony inside our world. In whose world are we?

29 x 29 cm (11,5 x 11,5 inch)

Stained glass

Inside inside no.3

€ 200,00Price
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    • A unique artwork. All products and artworks made by Velowa are 100% unique by design and will not be replicated unless it says so. So every artwork can only be sold once.
    • Including declaration of authenticity. A certicate from the artist where the authenticity is declared including a signature.

    • Free worldwide shipping with insurance. Every product and artwork will be shipped fully insured and if necessary send with special transport.

    • Eco friendly packaging. All materials used for delivery are either eco-friendly paper or recycled plastic. All CO2 emission of the delivery is 100% compensated by planting trees.

    • A great investment in an upcoming artist. Velowa is an ambitious artist, graduated from the art academy in Utrecht (HKU).