Sky is up, 2020, purple

While searching for multiple dimensions Velowa tries to visualize the 6th dimension. Using blocks and two dimensional glass works the different works hang in front of each other. Showing three dimensional worlds at once. 


This is a unique artwork made by Velowa.

Glasswork made in 2020 . Stained glass.

You can hang it from the sealing in front of a wall or a window. Or maybe even somewhere else!


Sky is up is a unique artwork and has four different works in it that are for sale.

Only this artwork [purple, blue, white] and the green artwork [green, blue, yellow] (see my other work in the shop) are still for sale.


Size of the work depends on how you prefer to hang them in front of each other. 

But in my composition it is:

70 x 50 cm

Sky is Up, purple

€ 600,00Price